About Us

Saint Joseph Convent School, located in Central Bangkok and founded in 1904, is one of the most popular institutions for primary and secondary education in Thailand. At its inception, the school met the needs primarily of Europeans who were making their home temporarily in Thailand. By 1936, Saint Joseph Convent School had been approved by the Thai Ministry of Education, and has since received four Royal awards for the best Elementary and Secondary School.

The English Program came into being as a response to the demands of ever-changing times and evolving educational needs. It began in 1997. Settled within the campus of Saint Joseph Convent School and integrated in its administrative and academic system; it is a school within a school.

It is home to Grades 1 to 12. We have two class sections of 30 students at each grade level. We provide care and attention for new students especially at grade 1 so that the students feel relaxed and are able to adjust to their new surroundings easily.

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For Inquiry and Applicants seeking for employment, please send email to Miss Chuleeporn  Phienchant at chuleepornsjc@gmail.com