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'Making a Band' English Project, SJC EP G7, January 2019

For 2nd term this school year, Mr. Lloyd divided 3 classes of G7 students into 17 teams and challenged them to create a rock or pop music band. Specifically, they had to come up with with an album cover that included their band name, a band photo, a song list, and an imaginary band biography or back story. They also had to create a concert poster. And, most importantly, to practice their English speaking skills they had to create a video interview for a mock MTV type television show called 'Meet the Band'. Creating the video required the bands to find a second party to interview them; therefore some of the videos have family members or friends facilitating the interviews.

If you don't have time to watch all 17 videos, Mr. Lloyd recommends that you watch this shorter list of 8:

Meet the Band OmEgA tRee

Meet the Band Poppin' Party!

Meet the Band Galaxy Queens

Meet the Band Reflection

Meet the Band Abendrot

Meet the Band Peregrine Falcon

Meet the Band Baby Shistar

Meet the Band Aesthetic Allergic

Finally, check out the special performance by OmEgA tRee: OmEgA tRee Performance

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