Many of our native-English speaking teachers have taught in other countries. This has given them valuable experience and knowledge of cultures. They aim to teach their subject with enthusiasm, expertise and sympathy. In-service trainings and seminars update them on the latest developments in methodology and teaching techniques.

Weekly department meetings are held, at which academic needs and organizational problems are discussed.

English Program Foreign Teachers (School Year 2017- 2018)

Mrs. Ana Lilia Alfaro
Science G.1-2, Sewing G.1
Mr. Bernard  Draden
French Listening&Speading G.10-12,
French Reading&Writing G.10-12
Mrs. Betty Wongwasin
Science G.5-6, Add Science G.5-6
Mr. Bruce Hoeve
Music G.1-12
Ms. Dolly Domingo
Health G.4,8,9,10-12 Gen.Science G.11
Mr. Dryden Balog
Physical Education G.4-G11
Ms. Elena Udod
Listening and Speaking G.2-6,
Home Eco. G.6-9
Mr. Evan Tauzer
Adv. Math G.11, Basic Math G.12, Com G.3
Ms. Zinnia Mosharraf
Social Studies G.4-6, Sewing G.1-5
Mr. Graham Clarke
Art G.4-12
Mr. Gregory  Hickman
English G.3-4
Mr. Harry  Soicher
English G.10-11, Geography G.8
Mr. Jason  Lindley
Mathematics G.1, Writing G.3, Guidance G.1
Mr. Jerome Macalalad
Adv. Math G.10-12
Ms. Kaitlin  O'Brien
English G.2, Writing G.2, Add Science G.2
Ms. Katherine  Neeley
Reading&Writing G.11-12
Ms. Karyna  Mangushva
Math G.4 Listening&Speaking G.5
Mrs. Lindsay  Silvera
English G.1, Listening&Speaking G.1, Writing G.1
Mr. Glenn
Science G.3-4
Mr. Luke  Dallman
English G.5-6
Mr. Marcus Concannon
Mathematics G.3, Add Science G.4
 Ms. Marie Dane Sarte
Health G.5-7, PE G.1-3, 12
Ms. Monika Gulati
Art G.1-3, Health G.1-3, Sewing G.2
Ms. Olga Gavrilova
Math G.2, Add Science G.1, Guidance G.2
Ms. Millie Rhoades
Reading&Writing G.10-11  
Mr. Peter  Rutt
Mathematics G.5-6
Dr. Peter  Torr
Adv. Biology G.10-12, Basic Biology G.11
Mr. Samuel  Burch
Chemistry G.10, Add Science G.3,
Com G.1-2
Mr. Marcin Skowronski
Computer G.4-12, Math G.10-11
Mr. William  Sorensen
History G.7-9, Phonics G.1-2, Writing G.5-6

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