Parent-Teacher Link

We recognize that parents are important partners in education. Regular meetings of parents and teachers are held every year for each grade level. An orientation meeting for parents of first graders is a basic standard operating procedure at the opening of the academic year.

A regular monthly meeting of parent representatives, faculty members and principal is a pleasant exchange of teaching and learning experiences of teachers and students respectively. The Principal is available for consultation as well as the subject teachers at any point through the year.

Parent - Student Activities

Parents from different grade levels volunteer to be involved in the school activities of their children. They want to share in the education of their children not only at home but in school as well. Saint Joseph Convent School encourages this.

They choose activities the students will have fun with and make them more creative aside from school activities already offered. Each group chooses the best day for them to come to school when most of them are available.

Please see the EP Journal for the latest Parent-Student Activities. 

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